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Our Team

Ms. Micaella

Deputy Senior Early Intervention Teacher

BSc (Child Dev & Education), M.Ed (SpEd)

Micaella has always been passionate about early childhood special education. She has a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Education degree with a focus on early childhood education from the University of Asia and the Pacific (Philippines). She continued her postgraduate studies in the National Institute of Education – Nanyang Technological University (NIE-NTU) and graduated with a Master of Education (Special Education). Her research interests included inclusive education, family-centred interventions, functional curriculum, and educational equity.

In her previous work as an inclusive preschool educator, she taught and cared for both typical and atypical learners which included students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, and Down syndrome. Her work has also involved creating, implementing, and monitoring Individualized Educational Programs within a multidisciplinary team. As a class teacher, Micaella is experienced in handling children of various age groups ranging from 2 to 6-years of age. She is trained and certified in using the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Children (AEPS) Test to accurately target and revisit children's needs and ensure they make progress toward their developmental goals.

As an advocate of progressive education, which is founded on a learner-centred and hands-on learning approach, Micaella sees students with or without disabilities as capable members of the community. She believes that education for young children should be developmentally appropriate, authentic and incorporate play. She is passionate about promoting equitable education and supporting children and families to better care for children with diverse needs.

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