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Our Team

Ms. Thaqifah

Early Intervention Teacher

AdvDip (SpEd), Dip (Psych)

Thaqifah holds an advanced diploma in special education from the College of Allied Educators and a Diploma in Psychology from MDIS. She is experienced in guiding children with ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, GDD, Cognitive Delay, ODD, ID, and emotional trauma disorders, having worked with them in various settings over the years.

Thaqifah discovered her passion for working with children and youth while assisting in social work at 2 local children's homes. As a music teacher to numerous individuals with special needs, even those with hearing impairments, she provided opportunities for music appreciation and exploration while cultivating technical skills and discipline to succeed in their examinations.

Now an early intervention teacher since 2021, Thaqifah is committed to nurturing her students to reach their full potential within and without and equipping them with the foundational skills for the future.

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