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Our Team

Ms. Lorelle Ng

Speech & Language Therapist

BSpPath (Australia), DipSpEd (Singapore)

Lorelle Ng is an experienced, AHPC Certified Speech & Language Pathologist who is skilful with children. Her specialisation includes screening, diagnostic assessment and intervention of speech, language, communication, feeding and related disorders.

Lorelle’s extensive work experience in Singapore is enriched by her clinical services in the public health, education, social service and private therapy sectors. She has handled special needs conditions present in babies, children and youths in the local hospitals, rehabilitation units, inclusive preschools, mainstream schools, special education schools, early intervention centers and community settings.

Her profile of clients with complex comorbid conditions include autism, dyslexia, hearing or visual impairment, head injury, dyspraxia, ADHD, CVA, prematurity, extreme low birthweight and syndromes. Her topics of special interests are in twice exceptional, higher order thinking, central auditory processing, sensory modulation, executive function and childhood trauma.

Lorelle is passionate about inclusive education and has helped many youths in successful transitions from school readiness programs into mainstream education.

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