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Our Team

Ms. Gayatri Nair

Educational Therapist (English, Mathematics and Science)

M.Ed (Dev Psych), GradDip (Psych), BA (Psych)

Gayatri attained her Master of Education (Developmental Psychology) from NTU-NIE, and together with her undergraduate and graduate studies from James Cook University, her expertise has enhanced to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the various developmental needs of children and adolescents. Moreover, she firmly believes that academic success can be better achieved by developing and improving learning behaviours.

To cater to the individual needs of students, Gayatri is trained in specific educational interventions such as Orton-Gillingham’s Literacy and Multisensory Mathematics, as well as Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing & Verbalizing (Language Comprehension and Thinking) and On Cloud Nine (Visualizing & Verbalizing for Math).

With years of constructive and insightful experience in the education industry, Gayatri is a passionate individual who can foster professional relationships with her students to tackle academic, social, and emotional challenges. She is dedicated to work hand in hand to reach the greatest potential of a student, while cultivating a positive learning experience.

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