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Our Team

Ms. Nina Chia

Educational Therapist (Mathematics)

Bachelor of Science

Upon returning from Switzerland in 2007, Nina devoted her time in the upbringing of her 3 young children. Even then, Nina continues to help other children in their educational need.

From 2012, she started to attend workshops, seminars and lectures on maths learning differences and dyscalculia. She then went on to specialise in teaching children with mild learning disorder including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia. She has since been with Dyslexia Association for more than 8 years supporting learners with numeracy difficulties. Besides being involved in the planning and teaching of children, Nina also conducts practicum with the teachers.

The progress and development of her students are her utmost reward and satisfaction. She strongly believes that each child is different and deserved to be appreciated for who they are. She desires to join these children in her care, uncover their potential.

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