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PSLE Mock Exam Practice


The SKILT Centre's Mock Exam Practice is designed for Primary 6 students sitting for the PSLE this year. This timed exam practice aims to gives students a chance to sit for full-length examinations and develop crucial exam skills such as time management, attention, and content mastery to ensure that your child can perform well on exams.

Our comprehensive exam package consists of: 

  • Full-length group invigilation both for Paper 1 and Paper 2, including the standard break.

  • 15-minute individual feedback session, 1:1 with our expert invigilators, who will work with you to identify and nail the practical areas your child can improve their exam performance. 

This exam practice will benefit your child in the following ways: 

  • It will familiarise them with the exam processes so they know what to expect next and can worry less! 

  • It will help them test themselves on their content mastery, which will lead to more focused and effective revision this June. 

  • A seasoned Special Education invigilator-tutor will observe their behaviour, attention and the effectiveness of their access arrangements. 


Exam Schedule

Exam Details


The SKILT Centre @ Upper Thomson

Level 1

101 Soo Chow Walk

Singapore 575385

Exam Fees*

$327.00 for 1 paper

$599.50** for 2 papers

(U.P $654.00)                                      

*Prices listed are after GST

**Price after $50 Bundle Discount

Same Day Zoom Feedback

Parents will be assigned a 15-min slot on the same day from 1930.

Meet Our


English Invigilator

Sabrina is an experienced and dedicated tutor specialising in educating children with special needs. Sabrina has a Degree in Special Education and over 20 years of experience with numerous children with different needs. 

She takes great pride in developing customised strategies for each child based on their learning and behavioural needs. By utilising various teaching methods, she prepares children to better learn and cope with the current syllabus. Her teaching style adheres closely to the strategies adopted by the Ministry of Education.

Sabrina is passionate about providing support, not only in academics but also in overall psycho-emotional development. She aims to understand and encourage children to better express themselves. 

As a mother of 3 grown children, 2 of whom have special needs, she has first-hand experience in dealing with children with varying needs.


Lee Ying has been in the education sector for the past 15 years and has journeyed with many students and parents in their quest to reach their personal learning goals. 

As the Senior Segment Head of the Math Curriculum Team at a big brand enrichment centre, she has developed curriculum coupled with edtech to target improvement of the cohort's PSLE Mathematics results and also served as Head of Math, mentoring many primary and secondary math educators. 

As a teacher, Lee Ying enjoys breaking down difficult concepts and helping learners develop confidence in mathematics. With a strong background in math pedagogy and curriculum writing, she believes that all students can benefit from problem-solving, data analysis, and pattern recognition. 

Lee Ying's experience has given her a unique vantage point having worked closely with students, parents, and teachers from various schools all over Singapore. She has developed a keen understanding of the different teaching methods and how they impact a student's learning and developing individual learning plans to target the needs of individual learners. She has since stepped out to pursue her calling of creating a smaller community of learners, driven by her desire to provide more personalised and impactful education experiences.

Lee Ying

Mathematics Invigilator

Book Your Slot Today! 

Only 8 slots available per exam!

Book your slots now! Drop by any of our friendly SKILT or Clinic Receptionists to register! Alteratively, give us call or WhatsApp text at: 


The SKILT Centre @ Upper Thomson 

The SKILT Centre @ Bukit Timah


SpecialKids Clinic 


Registration closes: 27 May 2024, Monday, 2359 


My child hasn’t learned the PSLE syllabus, how can they sit for the paper?

All PSLE examinable topics will be included in the mock paper. However, for the Mathematics paper, topics such as Speed or Algebra not have been covered by schools will be given a lower weightage to ensure fairness for those who have learnt these topics.

Do you have afternoon papers? 

No. To follow the PSLE exam schedule as closely as possible, we are only offering morning papers.

Will my child need to study for the paper? 

They are encouraged to do so to utilise the mock exam conditions fully. 

When will the feedback sessions be scheduled?

Individual feedback sessions will be held on the same day as the mock practice over Zoom. Parents will be assigned a slot at registration from 1930. Please let our receptionist know ASAP should you be unable to make it so they can find you an alternative. 

Will extra time be given?

Yes. Extra time and other access arrangements will be provided for if they have been granted by MOE or at School Level. 

What time should my child arrive for the paper? 

We recommend arriving at 0835 to give your child sufficient time to prepare themselves: get ready, use the bathroom and listen to exam instructions, before the exam begins punctually at 0900. 

What does my child need to bring?

  • Writing materials 

  • Scientific calculator, mathematical instruments set (protractor, compass, etc.) 

  • Water and snacks for breaktime 

  • A jacket for the cold  

  • Ezlink card

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