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Our Team

Mr. Geoffrey Aw

Senior Early Intervention Teacher

BA (Music), CIA, AdvDip (Special Needs)

As a special needs educator, Geoffrey believes that no two children will manifest the exact same behaviour challenges. One needs to embrace and appreciate the many differences before working with a child who has special needs. Only in understanding their differences can we help to sieve out their strengths and uniqueness. As the saying goes, a child with special needs is ‘First a child, then the diagnosis’. This is a value that he upholds dearly in his course of work.

As a versatile individual, Geoffrey has had the opportunity to hold a number of professional roles, such as music teacher, both in the classroom and private settings, as well as a community worker for children and youths in a Social Service Agency. Through the experience as a music teacher, he was fortunate enough to educate a diverse group of Primary and Secondary school students, seeing them grow musically in their skills as well as passion. His experience as a community worker has given him the opportunity to interact with children and youths and their families. He believes these experiences have enabled him to reach out to every child and help them to grow into a better and stronger individual. As a special education teacher, he has the opportunity to work with children with various special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, and a variety of learning and behavioural challenges.

Just as every child is unique, the approach to help the child is also individualized and catered to the child’s needs. Therefore, it is his passion and dream to help each child to be successful at an early age. It is his hope that when they reach the age to attend formal school, they are properly equipped to excel and achieve independence.

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