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Ms. Harsheeni

Educational Therapist (English & Mathematics)

Bachelors of Communication
Specialist Diploma (SPLD)

Harsheeni's extensive experience in the Special Education field spans from being an Educational Therapist, Educational Advisor and a wellness advocate.

Harsheeni's lush expertise included, supporting Educational Therapists in quality assurance of lessons, behavioural management, strategising improvements in teaching practices and enhancing overall educational experiences through wellness.

Having worked with adults and children of varying learning difficulties and co-morbidities, she is passionate about curating bespoke lessons that are prescriptive & diagnostic, encouraging in nature and most of all memorable.

Harsheeni is trained in MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy), Mathematics Teaching with Marshall Cavendish, holds a Specialist Diploma in Specific Learning Differences and a certificate in Understanding ADHD: Research & Practice with Kings College, London.

She has written for the APJDD(Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences) and conducted talks on well-being and mindfulness. Her research on mindfulness has gone on to prove that it is an innate attribute all of us have, waiting to be tapped onto. Her articles have inspired the awakening that mindful features can be found in the littlest of our actions in everyday life. She also went on to piece together the impact mindfulness had on Educators & students during the Covid-19 Pandemic and how it came in as a guiding light in job crafting and self-regulation.

She is enthusiastic to share her expertise in a world that is constantly fazed by distractions, and guide her students towards finding their unique voices amidst challenges.

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