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Our Team

Ms. Celeste

Special Needs Therapist

Advanced Diploma In Special Needs (Play & Therapeutic Play)

Celeste holds an advanced diploma in Special Education and a Provincial Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy and Therapeutic Play from the College of Allied Educators.

Celeste has experience as an Early Intervention Teacher at the Early Intervention Centre, Singapore and as a Behaviour Therapist at the Autism Recovery Network (ARN) and also has an extensive portfolio as a freelancer.

Celeste has worked with special needs and neurotypical children with their behavioural needs, and learning needs and has been teaching art for their learning and eventually letting them be able to make products for themselves and their loved ones. She hopes to work towards an inclusive society. She currently partners with a social enterprise which helps young adults with special needs gain exposure to different art forms on a weekly basis, guiding them through the process of ideation till an actual product is created. This culminated in a private exhibition she organised for her students to showcase their art to family and friends.

Celeste believes that every child should be given the opportunity to showcase their gifts, use their skills and exercise their potential in their own special way. She hopes to work towards an inclusive society.

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