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Placing Your Child
on the Path of Success

A place where special needs children receive early intervention, learning support and therapy.

A place where every child is special, where every child matters.

Our Mission

Holistic developmental care through intervention, learning and therapy that sees children with special needs from infancy to young adulthood.

Our Vision

A family-focused community where children with special needs can thrive. Where we facilitate their interaction and assimilation with the larger community.


At Every Stage

There are unique joys and challenges at each stage of your child's life. We want to help families with special needs children get holistic developmental care that supports the unique developmental, behavioural and academic needs of each child as they grow into adulthood and become independent.


Ages 2-6

This is a time when children find their footing in terms of their identity and yet still need to hold on to support from caregivers around them - a time of fierce independence yet critical dependence. To achieve stabilization of their basic functions and early executive functions.


Ages 7-12

The schooling years can be a time of great excitement and stress. Academically and socially, these years may be challenging as new concepts are introduced at a fast pace and children learn to interact with other children and their teachers. Children may need academic support and emotional or mental help as they encounter new challenges.


Ages 13-16

Secondary school is a time of transition, as children grow into their teenage years, they may struggle with their identity and academic concepts that become increasingly complex. More than just meeting parental or self-imposed expectations, this is a period where they may be looking for a sense of belonging, and some independence, pursuing their interests, and developing themselves.


SpecialKids sees a wide range of children, all of whom are unique and lovely in their own ways. We see the potential in each child and we work to harness that potential in order to optimize the children’s developmental progress. This will help them to become independent, able and ready to participate in their best capacity in society.

Jordan EIP

Our Team

Maximising Potential. Integrating Every Child

Parent Care

Parents are more than caregivers of their children. They are also uniquely responsible for their children's upbringing in character. Parenthood can be an extremely rewarding yet strenuous journey and we hope this little corner can provide some help and encouragement to the special needs parent.

Online Shop

It is our hope that we will be able to provide holistic care, in order to optimise your child’s potential and propel him or her towards the learning experience that every child is entitled to.

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