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Our Team

Mr. Udaya

Speech & Language Therapist

M.Sc Hearing, Language & Speech
B.Sc Hearing, Language and Speech

Udaya has 25 years of experience as a Speech Language Therapist. His experience includes working in public schools in the USA where he was recognised for his excellent work provided to the schools there. He has also worked in Qatar in a private intervention centre, serving autistic children. In Singapore, he has worked with various Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), catering to the paediatric population in multidisciplinary settings with difficulties related to speech, language, communication, oral motor and feeding.

Udaya has received training in a wide range of established approaches:

In the domain of Speech

⁃ Lidcombe Stuttering Approach

⁃ PROMPT (prompt for restructuring oral muscular phonetic targets - for children with speech disorders)

⁃ Speech and Motor Functions in Pediatrics

⁃ Cleft Lip and Palate Assessment and Intervention

In the domain of Language

⁃  PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

⁃ Hanen – It Takes Two to Talk

⁃ DIR Floortime

In the domain of Reading

⁃ Orton-Gillingham approach for reading, writing and spelling

⁃ Fitz-Roy reading program

⁃ Visualizing and Verbalizing Lindamood bell approach

⁃ Working memory - turning disability to ability

In the domain of Hearing

⁃ Hearing Habilitation

⁃ Sign Exact English - Interpreter

⁃ Auditory Processing Disorder - Multidisciplinary Approach

In the Social domain

⁃ Social thinking

⁃ Cooperative learning

⁃ Social stories

⁃ Yoga

In the domain of Feeding

⁃ Treatment for feeding

⁃ SOS feeding Therapy Approach

⁃ Professional Sensory Enrichment Therapy

⁃ Food Chaining Approach

⁃ Dysphagia management

In the domain of sensory integration, he has received training in Sensory Enrichment Therapy. In the behavioural domain, he is a registered behavioural therapist. He is also a Certified Telepractice specialist by IBCCES.

Udaya strongly believes that successful therapy outcomes are the result of building trust with every child that comes to him, and parent education and involvement within the session.

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